Clinical Movement Physiotherapy

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Evidence-Based Physiotherapy

Evidence-based Physiotherapy represents the highest level of Physiotherapy practice.

An extensive body of research directs Physiotherapists to adopt the following approach when managing people with musculoskeletal pain and associated loss of function:

  • Conduct a thorough initial assessment that screens for serious pathology and comorbid health factors, referring on as appropriate.
  • Utilise person-centred communication to determine the various drivers of one’s presentation and potential barriers to recovery.
  • Provide relevant education with an emphasis on active learning strategies.
  • Fulfil the role of health coach, empowering people to adopt healthy lifestyle behaviours, exercise regularly, engage with meaningful activities and ultimately have the confidence and ability to self manage.
Online Consultations

Telehealth services utilise video-calling via online applications to provide remote, yet high-value healthcare. There is a substantial body of evidence showing online Physiotherapy care to be as effective, if not better, than when in-person.

Physiotherapy for musculoskeletal pain and associated loss of function is very well suited to the online consultation format. This is especially true when we acknowledge the central role effective client interviewing, education and active self management strategies play in acheiving positive outcomes for clients.

Clinical Movement primarily uses WhatsApp on your Smartphone to conduct these online sessions due to its absolute confidentiality, secured via end-to-end encryption.

The online consultation format is as follows:

  1. Make a booking by getting in contact with your Physio directly via phone, e-mail or website contact page.
  2. Complete and return via e-mail the ‘Client Information’ sheet (you will be e-mailed this once you have made a booking) in addition to any other documents that will be useful for your Physio consult e.g. scan results.
  3. Connect to your Physio directly via WhatsApp video call on your Smartphone at your organised booking time.
  4. Ensure you are wearing clothes that are suitable for moving around in and are set up in an appropriate place for the Physio consult in terms of privacy, space and noise.
  5. Participate in the Physio consult – this will likely involve:
  • Telling the Physio your background story
  • Explaining your beliefs, expectations and goals for treatment
  • Answering some health screening questions
  • Showing the Physio the area that is painful
  • Palpating the area with direction from the Physio
  • Performing some movements for the Physio to see
  • Discussing the findings with the Physio to make sense of your presentation
  • Working together with the Physio to determine an appropriate plan to achieve your goals
  • Engaging with education, movements, exercises and lifestyle modifications deemed suitable for your presentation
  • Organise follow up sessions as appropriate to maximise your outcome

Following your session the Physio will send you any resources that will be useful for your recovery such as informative articles and videos, as well as your treatment plan and exercise program, which may be in photo or video format. The Physio will also complete and send any letters or referrals to appropriate health care professionals such as your GP where required. Follow up phone calls and e-mails are always available to ask questions or change appointment times as required.

* If online consultations are not suitable for you we also offer a home visit service, where we can conduct the session, in person, in your own home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a Doctor referral to access Physiotherapy services?

There is no need for a Doctor referral to access our Physiotherapy services, unless you wish to claim via Medicare or DVA.

What equipment do I require for Telehealth (online video call) consultations?

You will require a Smartphone with WhatsApp installed and connection to the internet. We can assist you with this set-up should you require.

How do I pay?

Clinical Movement’s bank details will be provided to you via e-mail once your booking is confirmed and payment must be made prior to your consultation via bank transfer. You will be sent a receipt via e-mail after your consultation, with which you can claim for services via NDIS (if you are self-managed) or your Private Health Fund.

Hours & Pricing
Hours of Operation:

Physiotherapy Consultations

Flexible appointment times

Contact to discuss availability


1 hour Initial – Online Consult $105, Home Consult $150

40 minute Follow Up – Online Consult $70, Home Consult $100

*Medicare, DVA, NDIS (self-managed) and Private Health rebates apply.